Monday, July 14, 2014

Lebron James : The Return

    4 years, 4 Finals appearances, and 2 championships ago Lebron James became the most scrutinized and disliked player in the NBA with his nationally broadcasted " The Decision" on ESPN. He drew animosity and wrath from the city of Cleveland and most of Ohio they burned his jerseys and  cringed at the sight of him wearing the number 6 being glorified by his fans and teammates in Miami he had gone from Ohio hero to national villain. Cleveland laughed when he lost to the Mavericks and were silent when he beat the Thunder and while he admitted his regret over the decision he still was the man who ripped Cleveland's heart out now he has restored it. Lebron James has been through so much and while us heat fans feel a little betrayed we can't forget that he brought us to the top and we should thank him for everything he did in those great four years and wish him good luck in the long haul with the Cleveland Cavaliers.You have once again become the hero of Ohio and have restored your glory in the hearts of everyone who felt that you were a villain and you truly are The King.

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